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About Me



I am a firm believer that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Some people enjoy spending their time at home, others find peace in routine, I do not. This world has so much to offer, and I aspire to experience it all. I find harmony in chasing uncertainty, seeking challenges, and putting myself in learning situations. There is no challenge too big for me to try. That is why I attend the top university in the nation, played on the number one water polo team in the nation, and have some crazy life stories.

I grew up in Riverside, California with a loving and supportive family that pushed me to be an independent person. Riverside taught me a lot and shaped me into the person I am today. At a young age I learned that the only avenue to success was through hard work and determination. If you want something in life, invest all of your energy and resources and make it happen. I also learned I was the creator of my own happiness and had the opportunity to build the life that I wanted to live. I had the goal and continue to have the goal of finding my potential and seeing how far my capabilities can take me. That means doing everything in my power every single day to better myself in whatever avenue I am pursuing. That led me to Stanford University.

I will graduate Stanford in 2023 with a M.A. in Sustainability Science and Practice. I received my B.A. from Stanford in Sociology and a secondary major in Science, Technology, and Society. While attending Stanford is challenging in itself, I also played on the women’s varsity water polo team. I ended my freshman and senior seasons with two NCAA Division 1 National Championship rings on my hand. My final season, I was elected co-captain by my coaches and teammates. While Stanford humbles me every day, I have never learned so much at such an accelerated rate in the classroom, in the pool, and in my everyday life.

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