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Hitting The Books

I came to Stanford to not only challenge myself in the pool, but also in the classroom.  I am pursuing a Master of Arts in Sustainability Science and Practice. This program is in Stanford’s cutting-edge new Doerr School of Sustainability. My coursework is equipping me with the knowledge, mindsets, and practical skills needed to understand and intervene in today’s complex business systems and transform them into sustainable businesses resilient to market volatilities and secure in their future well-being. After graduating in June of 2023, I am enthusiastic to combine my passion for the outdoors with my unique knowledge in sustainability to enhance the resilience of an active-lifestyle company. I am currently seeking employment with an organization who shares my passion for the planet and its people!

During my undergraduate career at Stanford, I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a subplan in Data Science, Markets and Management. This major studied social phenomena through a computational lens and included courses on consumer behavior, network analysis, decision making, experimental interventions, and data analysis. My Sociology degree gave me the tools to analyze and apply consumer behavior and supply chain statistics to strengthen operational strategy, diversify customer base, increase sales, consumption, use of service, product, and facility.  In keeping with my philosophy that life begins at the end of your comfort zone, I am taking classes outside of the Sustainability and Sociology majors. These include classes in organizational behavior, design thinking, decision analysis, female studies, and creativity. I am currently maintaining a 4.0 GPA in the Sustainability Science and Practice Master’s program. During my undergraduate career, I achieved a 3.87 cumulative GPA, even during the water polo season.

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