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My Craft

Merely embracing my passions as weekend hobbies is not my style. When I feel passionate about something, I dedicate myself to it completely. I am constantly working towards transforming my passions into crafts that are more meaningful, impactful, and significant. While I am still in the early stages of this journey, I am determined to continue on this path, with the ultimate goal of building a career that unites all my passions.


As a part of my master’s degree in the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability, I partnered with a leading surf wax company to help shift how surfers perceive their sport’s connection to a clean ocean. From discarding broken boards to using fossil fuel based resins, the surf community is not environmentally friendly. A paradoxical truth considering how much the surfer livelihood depends on the ocean.

On Earth Day 2023, I led a campaign launch that permeated throughout the industry generating awareness about the environmental consequences of standard surf practices. Hopefully, with my and my partner company’s campaign, surfers will pause the next time they are purchasing a surfboard or grabbing fossil fuel based bar of wax to think about how their actions affect their playground.

Cultural Behavior

For the past two years, I have worked at a leadership development and culture studio that helps build iconic brands into iconic companies. At the studio, I conducted extensive research on workplace inspiration including what it is, what sparks it, how we can maintain it, and how we can measure it. Using this research, I assisted the development of a measurement tool helping organizations gauge their capacity for employee inspiration.


Over the past two years, I have worked at a leadership development and culture studio that specializes in transforming iconic brands into iconic companies. At the studio, I carried out extensive research on workplace inspiration, investigating its core tenets, what ignites it, ways of sustaining it, and techniques for measuring it. Drawing on this research, I played an instrumental role in developing a measurement tool that enables organizations to gauge their potential for inspiring their employees.


Team Leadership

My senior year, I was elected co-captain of Stanford's Water Polo team and led the team to a National Championship. While you might think a NCAA Championship squad is filled with the best in the nation capable of winning under any circumstances, that is not the case. The team was composed of Olympians and walk-ons, morning practice lovers and opposers, players driven by emotion and players driven by reason. Getting these these diverse women to work together was not easy task but one that I accomplished through strategically crafting a culture of energy. A culture that inspired personal excellence during every practice and encouraged players to support the team however they best could. Every individual mattered, and knowing so inspired every individual to give it their all. 

My captianship earned me the Dick and Anne Gould Captain's Award, which is awarded to a Stanford captain  who "exhibited extraordinary leadership." In the history of Stanford Athletics, only two other women's water polo captains have won this award.


As if climbing for three hours a day at Stanford's rock wall wasn’t enough, I also decided to work there. At the wall, I am known as the girl who brings the energy and never passes on an opportunity to celebrate. Weekly pull-up competitions, St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunts, and outstanding DJ’ing are just a few examples of how I inject enthusiasm into every situation.

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